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Paul Marshall (IR baboon)
15-11-02, 10:21
So why do channel 4 put it on at 11:30?

Anne Brown
15-11-02, 10:26
cos they're idiots.

SS DaSilva
15-11-02, 12:18
'Look around you' is the best comedy on TV at the moment.Write that down in your copybook now.

Eion Murdock
15-11-02, 12:19
I caught an episode of 'TV Go Home' when I was in the UK recently. Now *that* is funny.

Paul Marshall (IR baboon)
15-11-02, 12:34
Nah, I've yet to see one better than Scrubs. Maybe its because my missus subjects me to Casualty, Holby City, A&E etc that I find it so good.

Eion Murdock
15-11-02, 12:40
Well, IMO the pinnacle of comedy is Jackass (not seen the movie yet, though) although the new series of South Park is pretty funny, too - so you might want to take what I say with a big pinch of salt.

Malcolm Cogglewit
15-11-02, 14:24
Please don't pinch salt. It isn't big and it isn't clever.

Arnold (UB40) Laurence
15-11-02, 14:50
Home Movies is the funniest thing on tv.... if you have cartoon network that is

Milton the Sausage
15-11-02, 14:53
As a long suffering England Cricket supporter, Sky's Ashes coverage gets my vote as the funniest thing on the box at the moment.

Beckers ....
15-11-02, 14:57
what is it about women and their addiction to Casualty/Holby city......I just don't get it! Can someone explain

Diane *GG*
15-11-02, 15:00
I like Scrubs. Not keen on Casualty or Holby City though. I used to like ER.: )

Beckers ....
15-11-02, 15:04
what are you saying then Diane? That you're a bloke in drag?

Anne Brown
15-11-02, 15:06
Mike I can't explain it. I'm with Di on this one ER is the only hospital drama I'll watch.

Beckers ....
15-11-02, 15:08
*serious comment* maybe it's a married / partnered up woman thing thenmake the most of the *serious comment* thing from me...you won't see it too often

Anne Brown
15-11-02, 15:10

el boufador, jeyboy bender
15-11-02, 15:11
I'm sorry you're all wrong.'Family guy' is the best comedy on TV. Like the simpsons but more offensive and risque, thus funnier.

Diane *GG*
15-11-02, 15:15
Maybe its just cos JD is sooo cute...And Dr Carter was soooo cute...Ok, I'm shallow.

Anne Brown
15-11-02, 15:29
I always liked Dr Mark Green...

joE* ( I Can Be Decisive, I Think)
15-11-02, 16:22
Dr Cox is the funniest, what with those wierd teeth and witty jokes.

el boufador, jeyboy bender
15-11-02, 16:39
dr fox is a fat idiot on the radio