View Full Version : Regular, what you doing at the w/e thread

Romeo Tom White
17-10-02, 15:49
So what you guys doing? I have tomorrow off work cos I is 30 tomorrow and fully expect to wake up dead (if that's possible).If I am not dead, I will spend all weekend drinking, walking the dog and maybe riding my bike if not too hungover.People at work bought me a shiny new camelbak which was nice.100.

Anne Brown
17-10-02, 15:54
Ohh that's nice. Happy Birthday.I am away tomorrow too. Going to Appletreewick, North Yorkshire for the weekend.

Romeo Tom White
17-10-02, 15:58
I have a friend" - Anne, I love you:-)"

Diane *GG*
17-10-02, 15:58
Happy birthday!I'm going to check on my new flat - make sure the rain this week didn't leak through the roof.: )

his hollyness serge the second
17-10-02, 16:00
i Have julias parents visiting this weekend.

Romeo Tom White
17-10-02, 16:01
Diane: good luck with flat. The torrential rain poured through my front door this week and soaked into new carpet. Mind you, house is circa 500 years old. But I fear it'll put prospective buyers off......*shrug*.

Leon Turner
17-10-02, 16:08
First ride since getting my new XTR knee componentry fitted... hope it's waterproof.

Malcolm Chuzzlewit
17-10-02, 16:18
Saturday, don't know. Proably home related stuff. Sunday, is Beans mystery run !

SloBoy CountdownToTheWeekend
17-10-02, 16:21
It's not my birthday tomorrow. But can I have a present anyway please ?

Ryan Gallagher
17-10-02, 16:30
i'm working.....

SloBoy CountdownToTheWeekend
17-10-02, 16:32
on picking a present for me ? How nice !