View Full Version : dumb as dogshit

Craig Furber
14-10-02, 05:19
Fettling with the bike yesterday and noticed (the sort of notice that involves a sharp slap to the forehead and a dull, 'Doh' sound!) that BOTH my tyres were on backwards. They'd been that way for about two weeks!Now that is dumb as dogshit - the tyres even had direction arrows!!!!!!!:)

tony mcgarley
14-10-02, 05:50
Did you notice anything dodgy with the grip of the tires ?Maybe your tyres were on the correct way but your handlebars were at the wrong end of your bike ?Did it not occur to you that rear-suss-only bikes were an anomoly ?Maybe you're just dumb as dogsh!t.Maybe I am full of crap and am taking waffling to a new level.Bollox, etc:-)

Malcolm Chuzzlewit
14-10-02, 08:12
Did you get the urge to ride backwards ?

Big Red S
14-10-02, 18:51
i do, but my tires are the right way round....