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endover end
10-10-02, 08:43
On my way to work this morning:1. At the end of a cul de sac (with a cycle link), a car pulls out from a private drive and nearly wipes me off the planet.2. Approaching a narrow lights controlled railway bridge, I've (just) got the green and I meet a car coming through red. Jumped to the pavement.3. Dog Walker on seafront has two mutts, one by him and one on embankment/sea wall. -what does he do? calls the dog to him just as I reach the point of (almost) no return. He used anglo saxon english phrases to indicate that I shouldn't ride so fast", I entered into the discussion at his level and indicated that the dog should be kept on a lead if he has no control over it.The rest of the ride was great though.16 miles off road, 6 miles on road.The weather since the start of August has been brilliant for riding. I love riding, I hate dog walkers, I hate car drivers (even me when I'm in one).Can't wait for 4:30 so I can ride again.drool & dribble..."

James Leafy Escalus
10-10-02, 08:45
Really wish my car had ABS, had a bit of near miss this morning, when some prat pulled out in front of me at the last second.

Andy SloJonesyBoy
10-10-02, 08:51
I nearly took out a cyclist the other day - he hid behind the door pillar at the edge of the widscreen as I approached the junction - an das anyone versed in guided weapons theory will tell you, if the sightline angle stays constant as you approach something, you're on an intercept course.So it wasn't my fault - really.

James Leafy Escalus
10-10-02, 08:53
Door Pillars can hide an 18 wheeler. I'm always very wary when I'm biking on Roads. Cant say I enjoy it at all.

Romeo Framboli
10-10-02, 08:55
me toothats why i ride on the pavement

Andy SloJonesyBoy
10-10-02, 08:57
Yeah - when riding, I try to make eye contact with the driver about to pull out.If I can't - he/she hasn't seen me

endover end
10-10-02, 09:15
the trick with door pillars is to move your head from time to time whilst exercising your eyes.

Andy SloJonesyBoy
10-10-02, 09:19
They should come with a warning label on them:Now move your head"or with little mirrors so you can see round it.Of course if Milo would only hurry up with the full size version of the Kid-Be-Safe, none of this would be a problem."

James Leafy Escalus
10-10-02, 09:20
I never stop scanning Endover, it comes from my flying experience where you never stop scanning, as planes have nasty habits of coming up under you, or coming down on top of you.

endover end
10-10-02, 09:27
James, you make it sound like a sexual experience

James Leafy Escalus
10-10-02, 09:30
No, not nearly as pleasurable :(

Andy SloJonesyBoy
10-10-02, 09:34
I used to know a bloke who had a PPL - he took one of my mates up for a once round the bay" and the bloke came back ashen faced, telling us how the sweat had been standing out on "Biggles" Westwood's forehead as he came in to land.At least when I crash, I start from fairly near the ground"

Dog Lover
10-10-02, 09:40
I was out walking my dogs this morning on the sea front. Some bloody cyclist on one of them mountaineers bikes went past so bloody fast that I had to call my dogs back to me . I used some choice phrases, I can tell you.

endover end
10-10-02, 09:41
I worked with a bloke who was always offering to take me up. After we landed he tapped me for 35 to help cover the cost -first time I heard about it!I've been up in a 1940's open cockpit glider -sublimeand I was up once in one of those cigar shaped gliders when we hit an air pocket Simon (bless him) without emotion said that he didn't think we had enough air" to get back to the field and could I start scanning for a likely field to crash land in.We got back to the field, but not before we took the tops off the trees 1/2 mile away.Now...why haven't I been up since?"

endover end
10-10-02, 09:49
Dear Dog Lover, you haven't posted a picture so I don't know if it was you.Do your six fingered hands reach down past your knees, is there dried egg on your stubble, does one ear stick out at a jaunty angle, is your lumberjack shirt torn at the shoulder and for some reason has an extra button at the top after it was buttoned up, do your dungarees stink of dog sh!t where you sat in it last night.If this is you and I inconvenienced you this morning then please accept this following insult:Top W@nker....

Muddy Bronco
10-10-02, 09:53
Yup. That shounds loik me. 'cept it ain't no dried egg. It's me dad's cu....

Romeo Framboli
10-10-02, 10:04

Simon Featherstone
10-10-02, 10:08
I find the cycle home (six miles through leafy central London, including the Elephant and Castle roundabout hell) very cathartic after a stressful day at work. All my workplace worries simply melt away as I scream obscenities at jolly motorists intent on wiping me out with frightening regularity. How I love it......