View Full Version : Define hucking

Jim Bob Fingernails
27-09-02, 15:46
Yes that's right hucking". I've heard this term used in relation to riding style, but can anyone tell me exactly what hucking is?Do you huck?JBF"

Charlie T
27-09-02, 15:47
Isn't it a bit like hundering?

Ancient Mariner
27-09-02, 15:47
An affliction of a dyslexic typist.Well, it is Friday afternoon.

Romeo Framboli
27-09-02, 15:48
leaning back and doing wheelies off the kerb so you dont get dogshit on your front tyre.

Adam Stephens
27-09-02, 15:50
Do you huck?"Yes, but I always use protection."

Charlie T
27-09-02, 15:57
I never huck on the first date.

Anne Brown
27-09-02, 16:01
I always fall off when I huck. I'm not very good I admit.

his hollyness serge the second
27-09-02, 16:08
hucking is riding where you maximize any possible section of the trail, urban area.iejumping roots, taking more drastict lines and just looning around as you ride. so see a slight bump on the other side of the track and try and hip jump it type thing

Romeo Framboli
27-09-02, 16:10
whislt avoiding the dogshit.

Jim Bob Fingernails
27-09-02, 16:17
Thankyou his hollyness serge the second. Now I understand, as whilst out riding earlier today two guys at my local jump spot pointed at me and stated rather loudly look at that hucker"."

Anne Brown
27-09-02, 16:20
You clearly made an impression on them.

Jim Bob Fingernails
27-09-02, 16:25
I do what I can to get by. What I didn't understand is why they were flipping me the bird and pulling moonies at me. Is this how fellow huckers greet each other?

Anne Brown
27-09-02, 16:27
Yes, one moons and the other gets his finger out.IGMC

Jim Bob Fingernails
27-09-02, 16:29
I think I'll stick to freestyle if it's all the same. lol

Postman Pants
27-09-02, 16:37
According to Mrs Pants, hucking is the act of removing or dislodging something unsavoury with the aid of a third party tool, such as a stick.