View Full Version : are singletrack dead?

Mark............. damn them all!
18-09-02, 13:45
has anyone heard if Singletrack (as in the bike shop) have gone bust? apparently ppl have been getting charged but without any goods tunring up and the lastest i've heard is that they've gone under.........anyone heard anything?

James Escalus
18-09-02, 13:51
The number of items available from them has been going down for a while now.

Dan (Just Dan)
18-09-02, 14:03
nice website, shit shop,

18-09-02, 19:07
theres nothing about it on the trade website

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
18-09-02, 22:36
Is that single track bikes,I`m sure there sorting it out right now,NOT!Milenko?