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Romeo Framboli
10-09-02, 20:39
www.croydon-lcc.org.uk have been running schemes whereby disabled people get to ride specially adapted bikes. The benefits people who have mobility issues get from being able to zoom themselves around in ways they never thought possible really are great. Unfortunately some of these special bikes were stolen the other day from Croydon and they are very unusual. If you see any of them can you either let someone know on the croydon-lcc site via email or anonymously tip off your local plod. Thanks1. Christiania Wheelchair trike 1 wheel at the back, 2 at the front with a large space to put a wheelchair and occupant in the bay at the front. 2. Pashley Tri-1 7 speed adult tricycle - red 3. Pashley Picador adult tricycle - burgundy - with 2 black child seats on back 4. Bright red and blue hand-cycle - fixed wheel, odd but the children usually enjoy it even though it is very hard work!Getting any bikes nicked is bad news but it is even more so when it means the folks from the local disability centres dont get their days out riding.Please keep your eyes open all over the country.

Dr Dolittle - being driven mad by kids.....
10-09-02, 20:45
I'd love to know who nicked those! Apart from the near impossiblity of resale due to their unique nature I've tried one of the hand-cycles and the wheelchair trikes and they are both bloody hard work. Not an easy theft by any means, which tends to suggest it wasn't junkies....

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 20:58
Just how f***ing low can someone get ?It must have been obvious that these bikes were for the disabled.Sh!t like that makes my blood boil.Brick Lane market ?

Notoriously Bad Typist
10-09-02, 21:11
It's happened up hee too, my friend used to run a similar centre in Salford. Same thing, load of special bikes got nicked, I think they all were found fairly quickly thankfully. Scumbags - castrate the lot of 'em

Romeo Framboli
11-09-02, 09:09