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Juan Carlos Sala
10-09-02, 17:42
For you what is the best color combination for a mountainbike? Frame, fork,wheels,etc

nick cummins
10-09-02, 17:46
Hello JuanA bike question for a change?The best colour is of course Yellow and Blue, as any right thinking person knows. And not Disco Gay Boy Blue" as strange Yorkshire people might tell you."

andy monty
10-09-02, 17:50
I like that new magnesium Carrera in Halfords (lime safety vest" green) with gray R/S dukes. You would stand out riding that"

Dan (Just Dan)
10-09-02, 18:18

Muddy Bronco
10-09-02, 18:35
Yes, Dan. Pink. I do like my pink bike. I turned up for work on it once. How they laughed at the police station.

Neil Watterson
10-09-02, 18:51
Pink, with lime green forks

Mercutio Gallagher ( . )Y( . )
10-09-02, 19:15
their not meant to do that any more muddy, the new force is meant to open its doors to the more feminine males as well ;-p

Daniel Wood
10-09-02, 19:17
Celeste. No contest.

Mercutio Gallagher ( . )Y( . )
10-09-02, 19:19
camouflage colours, oh yes that would be good look mummy that mans floating down the street""

Romeo Framboli
10-09-02, 19:35
browni once hammerited my rod bik in brown once with fluro orange forks. I quite liked it even if no one else did.

Neil Watterson
10-09-02, 19:40
I painted my car once with Sandtex

Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
10-09-02, 19:41
certainly different

Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
10-09-02, 19:43
i know a guy with a chalk board painted metro

Neil Watterson
10-09-02, 19:45
Did people play noughts & crosses on it?

Neil Watterson
10-09-02, 19:47
Thinking about it, there used to be a Mini in Finchley that had old coins stuck all over it. Maybe I should try that on my bike, rather than wallpapering it.

Muddy Bronco
10-09-02, 19:48
Romeo, not going to Hammerite me bike. Seemed a good idea at the weekend after a Stella A lunch.

Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
10-09-02, 19:50
on occaision but mostly wrote rude words on it

Daniel Wood
10-09-02, 19:53
I bet Will's bike says WWW.BIKEJOBS.COM on the downtube.

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 21:01
And '12 New Jobs Today' on the toptube...

Malcolm Chuzzlewit
10-09-02, 23:29
I saw a car pained like a black & white cow. Looked rather nice. Spots never seemed to catch on with car painters.

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 23:38
Robert Hall, a well known NE jeweller, had his Rolls-Royce resprayed with black and white checks to signify the colours of his favourite pooball team (Newcastle United).Shortly afterwards he recieved a letter from Rolls-Royce telling him that unless he took it to one of their dealers to be resprayed, he would be taken to court and sued.Apparently, it is a term of buying a Roller that you can only have it resprayed by one of their approved dealers, something about high standards to keep.He complied.

Daniel Wood
10-09-02, 23:42
Somebody from my sixth form had a huge Newcastle United sticker on their car bonnet.His car window was smashed.You really are asking for trouble with that sticker on your car in Bolton.

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 23:44
Do I take it that the Magpies are disliked in Bolton ?

Daniel Wood
10-09-02, 23:47
I don't know anything about football, Tony. All I know is that NU supporters in Bolton are a minority.Putting a 4ft Newcastle United sticker on your car bonnet isn't a good idea.

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 23:49
You should see what happens to NU cars in Sunderland !!!And vice versa.

Daniel Wood
10-09-02, 23:55
So what stickers do you have on your cement mixer? I bet you've got a sunstrip that says TOny Mcgarly on one side and the name of your girl on the other.

tony mcgarley
10-09-02, 23:58
LOLThe other side of the sunstrip says 'Crustyloafer' !

Daniel Wood
11-09-02, 00:01
Ever heard of a band called the Blazin' Squad who have just released a song called Crossroads? They've just come on the radio. I never knew hate until I heard this music.

tony mcgarley
11-09-02, 00:03
Never heard of them.What type of music is it ?

Daniel Wood
11-09-02, 00:07
http://www.blazinsquad.net/holdcentre.htmlYou need soundDon't close the pop upRead their nicknames and why they chose them

cooky! *shirt ninja*
11-09-02, 00:08
they're a bunch of what can only be described as 'rood boys' covering what WAS a decent song a few years ago....god i hate townie roodboys.

Daniel Wood
11-09-02, 00:08
You have to click the yellow Blazin Squad logo to get into the site.

Daniel Wood
11-09-02, 00:09
And they're not even old enough to drive a Nova with a phat exhaust.

tony mcgarley
11-09-02, 00:24
Aarrgh, not another boyband.S'pose they'll split up and pursue other careers once puberty kicks in.

Daniel Wood
11-09-02, 00:25
Or once they can afford a Nova wib black windowz, bangin' ICE and mad oversized wheels, and a cannon sized exhaust, innnit.

Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
11-09-02, 18:35
the nova is no more saxo has taken hold in mod land