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Charlie T
30-08-02, 13:37
Any good ideas, How about a metal version of Grandad We Love You, by the Chili Peppers. Van Halen's Jump covered by PavarottiAny others

Marco Framboli
30-08-02, 13:37
matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs by Rik Waller

el boufador, jeyboy bender
30-08-02, 13:39

Punk + Bikes = The Good life
30-08-02, 13:43
A punk version with male and female leads of that song from Grease.

Roly Seaton
30-08-02, 13:50
I reckon the new sugarbabes song should be covered with soil, lots of itwe wrote it ourselves you know" - they cant even write their own names."

Roly Seaton
30-08-02, 13:51
id also like to see an S-Club Juniors cover of Nirvana's seminal 'I hate myself and want to die'

James *When come back bring spine*
30-08-02, 13:55
HmmmS-club Juniors covering, Korn Wake up Hate""

Charlie T
30-08-02, 13:58
Ozzy Osbourne doing Reach for the Stars

el boufador, jeyboy bender
30-08-02, 13:58
The Tweenies doing 'fcuk the police'

John Hooper
30-08-02, 13:59
George W Bush covering The Cure's Killing An Arab""

el boufador, jeyboy bender
30-08-02, 14:00

cooky! *shirt ninja*
30-08-02, 14:04
Nine Inch Nails covering 'i'm walking on sunshine'

Michael Coulthurst
30-08-02, 14:05
Covers of Beatles songs:Saddam Hussein - HELP!George Doubya - Money (That's What I Want)

Mr. B
30-08-02, 14:08
Kylie & Danni covering Gainsbourg's Je T'aime"ooooooohhhh"

el boufador, jeyboy bender
30-08-02, 14:09
I'd like to see the video for that one ;-)

John Hooper
30-08-02, 14:14
I was in a band in the late 80s & we covered Killing an Arab & Goo Goo Muck (The Cramps) among other things. If anyone was around Bradford between 86 & 91, you might remember Seven Dead Americans (great name, eh?)hey, maybe Goo Goo Muck is ideal for MTBers...

John Hooper
30-08-02, 14:25
dammit, I've killed another thread!

Mr. B
30-08-02, 14:27
Britney spears covered in honey

Roly Seaton
30-08-02, 15:15
Dubya and Osama duet of 'when will i see you again?'

Arnold Laurence
30-08-02, 15:22
anyone hear Mark Kozelek from the Red House Painters doing a whole album of ac/dc covers... all slow and acoustic! fantastic stuffHusker Du should have done 'don't it make my brown eyes blue', Bob Mould on lead vocals.

Ryan Gallagher ( . )Y( . )
30-08-02, 15:36
gareth gates doing a cover of god bless america in tehrain.

Roly Seaton
30-08-02, 16:05
mr gates doing Diana Ross's 'I'm coming out'

Ryan Gallagher ( . )Y( . )
30-08-02, 16:19
gareth gates singing we are sailing" in the bermuda triangle."

Muddy Bronco
30-08-02, 18:38
Gareth Gates actually singing.......

30-08-02, 20:58
Does anyone remember Nellie the Elephant by I think The Toy Dolls. Heard it for the first time in about 10 years while on holiday in Ormskirk. ( Commonwealth games and all that)Tried to wake the kids as the nostalger went apeshit. I know its not the idea of the thread sorry.

Tom Anderson
01-09-02, 17:39
Punk + Bikes = The Good life you said u wanted the punk version of that song from grease if the song u wanted was greased lighting then i can tell u wear to get it from

Craig Furber
01-09-02, 20:46
Best covers ever done are William Shatner doing a whole album of 'swinging tunes'......his rendition of 'Tambourine Man' brings tears to my eyes1) Her Majesty Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Philip joing what's left of the Sex Pistols for a heart-warming cover of 'Anarchy in the UK'2) Dennis Thacther - 'My Girls's Mad At Me' by Madness3) Pope JP II - Motorhead's 'Ace Of Spades'4) Lemmy - the shitty West ham anthem - 'I'm forever blowing bubbles'5) The Spice girls - doing something which involves their painful death6) Wendy James doing 'Whose got a Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts'7) Britnay doing something by Ozric Tenatcles8) Bhopal Children's Choir - 'Bright Eyes, burning like fire. Bright eyes, the smoke cloud won't go away! How can I breathe with the noxious fumes here, I can't even see my dad, bright Eyes!Bright Eyes buring like fire. Bright eyes, the fumes are making me cough. How can I rebuild my life when the American Cunts who caused this disaster got away scot free. bright eyes!9) Moira Hindley - Queen's 'I Want To Break Free!'10) Marco Frambolli - doing Queen's 'Bicycle races':)

Malcolm Coghill
01-09-02, 20:54
Nelly The Elephant.Oh, already done by the Stinky Toys.

Malcolm Coghill
01-09-02, 20:55
Well, I can think of a lot of songs that should be covered, as in covered over.

Punk + Bikes = The Good life
02-09-02, 07:59
Yeah sure Tom where from?

Arnold Laurence
02-09-02, 08:59
the Vandals did a punk version of 'summer nights' from Grease. they called it 'summer lovin'' though. moon zappa sang on it too.

Tom Anderson
02-09-02, 09:12
have u got kazaa if so search for punk covers or greased lightning

Romeo Framboli
02-09-02, 09:23
Like a Vigin" - by Cliff Richard"

Tom Anderson
02-09-02, 10:20
how about an all star cast featuring Britany Spears, Madonna, Westlife, Gareth Gates, all of the s club juniors and any other big stars that want to join in making a cover album with songs like slipknot my plague, Pennywise Fuck Authority, Mushroomhead Solataire Unraveling, sex pistols god save the queen, Rammstein sonne, Less than Jake Dope Man, Nofx drugs are good.

Punk + Bikes = The Good life
02-09-02, 10:38
cheers fella.

Tom Anderson
02-09-02, 10:43
u got it then my favourite covers have to be:-tetris themescooby doo theme99 red ballonsDR jeckal and mr hiderocky horror picture show

Matt Savage (shhhh I'm sleeping)
02-09-02, 10:47
Shane McGowan - Too Drunk to F**k (Dead Kennedies)Posh Spice - Stupid People Shouldn't Breed (Also by DK's)S Club 7 - The Whores Hustle (PJ Harvey)Hearsay/Liberty X/ Gareth Gates/ Will Young - Touch me I'm Sick (Mudhoney)

John Hooper
02-09-02, 10:57
anyone on here doing People Are Strange (The Doors)

Punk + Bikes = The Good life
02-09-02, 11:01
Osama Bin Laden/Saddam Hussein-Going Underground- The Jam

Rab Type Arrrgh.
02-09-02, 18:54
How about....J-LO singing Queens FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS

Guy Colborne
02-09-02, 20:15
Leonard Nimmoy singing The Logical Song" by Supertramp...Oh crickey thats really given my age away :-(William Shatner singing Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.Hang on, He actually DID do a cover of that...It was so crap it was actually good."

Romeo Framboli
02-09-02, 20:21
yeah shatner sort of talked and shouted his way through in character of JT Kirk and didnt leonard nimoy sing some songs in real life as well

Rab Type Arrrgh.
02-09-02, 20:36
Stevie Wonder-----I can See clearly now the rain has gone or When a child is born by Anthony Lee

Rab Type Arrrgh.
02-09-02, 20:40
I talk to the trees by Paul OAKenfold.....sorry

Bent Udder
02-09-02, 23:14
The Wildhearts: Like a VirginBritney Spears: War PigsBlack Flag: Mulder and ScullyAir: The Hokey CokeyThat Shatner track in full:

Rab Type Arrgghh
09-09-02, 20:25
I'm forever blowing Bubbles......Micheal Jackson.

Rab Type Arrgghh
09-09-02, 20:26
What Kind of Fool Am I.............Anthony Lee.

Rab Type Arrgghh
09-09-02, 20:27
Don't Laugh at me cause I'm a Fool....Anthony Lee