View Full Version : Cheap Bunkhouse Weekend

Beverley Commando Girl
30-08-02, 06:44
Only 10. I have four places left if anyone fancies a cheap weekend. The bunkhouse is owned by the Shrewsbury Mountaineering Club and situated just outside the village of Deinolen, midway between Llanberis and Bangor.Sleeps 15 in bunks, fully fitted kitchen, toilets, shower, lounge and heating! Not four star, but looks warm and comfortable and most importantly cheap! (don't forget your sleeping bag).We'll take our own food and booze, and you can either, walk, cycle or just get drunk. All this for a mere 10 each bargain.http://www.witchesandwankers.1accesshost.com/oct02.htm

serge the revenge of
30-08-02, 08:16
witches and wankers?had a look at the web site, is this a group for people who just enjoy doing silly outdoor stuff without being in the militery or any other religeous cult.

Beverley Commando Girl
30-08-02, 08:22
that's us, we just like to hav a laff and a drink then do outdoor activities that we have done before.

Tom White
30-08-02, 08:33
can one bring pets?

Beverley Commando Girl
30-08-02, 09:06
depends what kinds of pets I'd say!!! Yes to a dog, but no to snakes, lizards that kind of thing! Definitely no bears, dragons

Tom White
30-08-02, 09:13
Me have a nice doggy, loves walking and running while I cycle:-)

Beverley Commando Girl
30-08-02, 09:21
yeah that wouldn't be a problem. what kind of dog is it.

Tom White
30-08-02, 10:07
he's from the RSPCA rescue centre - a bag of bits really - looks like a small skinny, German Shepherd, but with brains and personality. :-)

Beverley Commando Girl
30-08-02, 10:16
Brains and personality, he'd be the only one with them in the bunkhouse!