View Full Version : Caroline Alexander kicks ass...then punctures :)

James D
29-07-02, 09:48
Caroline ALexander was whipping ass on the rest of the field, then punctured & is out of the Commonwealth games. Must have been a rim problem too I guess as she didn't even bother to try & repair it! How gutting... men's at 12:45 though.

andy fink
29-07-02, 09:54
gutted, think she was using tubeless whatever systemshe had for fixing it didnt work. poor lass she was kicking ass till then

James D
29-07-02, 10:00
Yep & English female hope Sue Thomas also now out with a puncture!

Andy Jones
29-07-02, 10:14
And for those of us with our viddy's running at home ...needn't have botheredHow about using the thread title:Commonwealth Games XC Spoilerjust so as we know, like

James D
29-07-02, 10:15
Oops, sorry!

Dan Grey
29-07-02, 10:39
You're not missing much - they switched coverage to BOWLS

Dan Grey
29-07-02, 10:40
Ladies gymnastics now. Just heard commentator say 'Full turn on'sorry

Todd Unctuous
29-07-02, 10:46
The Mens is at one surely ? I'm just off to watch it now........

Lord Pimpster
29-07-02, 11:07
Isn't that red button good. Just as they switched to the bowls i pressed the red button and got the mountain biking in full screen

Andy Jones
29-07-02, 11:27
Unbelievably, I'm told by 'er indoors that the red button (and indeed the rest of the remote) packed up about 10 mins before the race set off this morning:o(

Milo Bloom
29-07-02, 11:34
I've just been stuck with the gymnastics all morning. They said they'd be 'going back to the mountain biking they were showing earlier'. Earlier? I must have blinked..

Dr Dolittle - in 'Not BM's slowest rider shocker!!!!'
29-07-02, 11:40
The phase stuck with the womens gymnastics all morning conjures up a very different image from the one Milo no doubt intended. Then again maybe not......

Milo Bloom
29-07-02, 11:42
There are no women in it. Just blokes and very small girls. Not even chocolate covered ones....

Dan Grey
29-07-02, 12:15
I've been really disappointed with the Beebs coverage - it's been utterly random. During the day they've totally ignored the Radio Times schedule, and even a few hours ago they said they'd show the mtb at 12.45. Which they haven't.Reckon it's all a big conspiracy to get us to go to digital

Mister Jolly
29-07-02, 12:27
it is on digital at the moment. Current standings are; (scroll fast if you don't want to know....)after one lap, Liam Killeen is 3rd and right with the leading pair, Roland Green and McGrath. Barry Clarke is 6th.OK you can look now.

James D
29-07-02, 13:48
Men's XC supposed to be back on at 3.15, fingers crossed.

Ryan Gee
29-07-02, 14:06
have to say carolines really unlucky, shes 34 now so this could be her last games and the best ever chance of a gold medal for her country. How can you forget something like that and get over it. Anyway i wish her luck and hope she does the business for the rest of the year.

Steve James
29-07-02, 14:09
yeah, poor girl, gotta be gutted!!... well theres always the olymics in two years... good luck to her.if someones watching BBC, tell us if they show the XC... then i can leg it and go watch coverage of a decent sport

(not such) Bad Ideas
29-07-02, 14:15
she'll do a ride in the road race and there's plenty of women still competing at the age of 38 - yvonne mcregor, that french woman etc etc

Matt Savage
29-07-02, 14:36
Prepare for spoiler for mens....after one lap, Liam Killeen is 3rd and right with the leading pair, Roland Green and McGrath" and that's how it finished.I have to say that both races looked good and actually made reasonable TV."