View Full Version : Cyclists are Pricks!!!

J [] |-| /\/ = )
28-07-02, 18:34
Anyone read todays times. in the world review bit Bryan Appleyard writes his views on cyclists (or 'lycra louts' as he calls them)

Brother Will Disciple of SRAM
28-07-02, 18:38
whats this guys e-mail address

J [] |-| /\/ = )
28-07-02, 18:57
cant find it try brian.appleyard@sunday-times.co.uk

Neil Watterson
28-07-02, 19:09
I read an article with similar content in the Oxford Times last year. The writer wanted road racers banned from the A34 because it was so dangerous. He went onto give the details of the deaths of two riders.One crashed into the back of a broken down van, as he was cycling with his head down and did not see it. Fair enough. The cyclist died because he wasn't watching where he was going.The other rider died because the driver of a car spotted him at the last minute and pulled out. The car behind did not have enough time to pull out and ploughed into the rider, killing him.The author blamed the cyclist in the second instance because he was going too slowly on a fast road. He also implied that the car driver could not be at fault because he was a Salvation Army Bandsman on his way home from a concert. I read the article and could not believe it. Being in the Salvation Army doesn't make someone a good driver and this clearly showed it.If I remember correctly, the driver was not jailed and I am not sure that he even lost his licence.He should have been looking ahead. He should have left an adequate gap between him and the vehicle in front. He should have avoided the cyclist.If I had been driving the car which killed the cyclist, I would have been jailed for dangerous driving. Perhaps I should join the Sally Army.

Neil Watterson
28-07-02, 19:55
I can't find the actual article that I refer to, but I think that this was about the accident:http://www.thisisoxfordshire.co.uk/oxfordshire/archive/2001/02/02/NEWS4ZM.html

Rory Sickday
28-07-02, 20:19
Mr O'Connor said he stopped, exchanged details with a taxi driver, who had stopped to help Mr Hawkes, and then carried on to Southampton."FFS.... the guy really just stopped to swap info with another driver then fucked off? With a man dead/dying?"

Todd Unctuous
28-07-02, 21:20
What can we do about these people ? Why do they hate us so much ? Is it because we may make them 20 seconds slower in their Sunday dash to the paper shop ?