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Ryan Gallagher
26-07-02, 10:05
Right i've just heard that bloody gareth gates again on the radio, so i've thought of a question. If you were given a gun with one bullet and allowed to shoot someone, who would it be. Mines is as above, and if you gave me 2 bullets i'd shoot him twice. So come on tell us your most hated celebrity/boss/etc and where you'd like to shoot them head/privates/arse.

Dave Carlson
26-07-02, 10:06
Myself probably! But only in the foot!:)

Ryan Gallagher
26-07-02, 10:09
Sorry i meant gareth gates/voicebox

Dr Dolittle - Owner of a loaded Smart.......
26-07-02, 10:20
I had a similar discussion with a friend, and conculded that unless you had enough bullets to shoot the entire of S-Club7 you'd have to shoot yourself instead.......

Ryan Gallagher
26-07-02, 10:22
you are allowed to make them stand in a line ;-)

Todd Unctuous
26-07-02, 10:23
SClub seven are decreasing in head count. Be patient !Soon they may be down to 1 for the bullet.

Dr Dolittle - Owner of a loaded Smart.......
26-07-02, 10:24
Actually I've changed my mind. That guy whos article is in the Cars and Bikes don't mix thread will do fine......

endover end
26-07-02, 10:24
I'd like to choose the gun, something high velocity so the bullet would drill through quite a few (got to be head shots -wouldn't want them to suffer). So, the next step...how do I line them up 'cos at some point the bullet will be spent and will only cause a flesh wound.1. Maggie Thatcher -for all the financial pain she caused me in late 80's early 90's2. A token convicted bicycle thief -chosen at random. This to put the rats on notice for the future.3. A board member of the World Trade Organisation. Just to let them know that they are hurting the third world.4. A board member from a pharmaceutical company that will not sell drugs(or release patents) cheaply to poor countries.5. Everyone connected with GM food.

Anne Brown
26-07-02, 10:25
Doesn't that make it worse though. Instead of being one group to avoid soon they will be 7 soloists to avoid/shoot.

Todd Unctuous
26-07-02, 10:26
Dimitri Vassilarnous of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Reviw. Just read his anti-bike article :http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/search/s_82631.html

Andy Jones
26-07-02, 11:00
Ummm, on the S-Club 7 thing, I can save you the trouble of shooting Rachel. I don't mind looking after and she won't be any trouble - honest.

Andy Jones
26-07-02, 11:01
Maggie Thatcher - but shooting's too good.Slow, painful and most importantly humiliating death is the only just reward for arrogance and callousness on that scale

Tom White
26-07-02, 13:16
Maggie Thatcher, why?Tom - would shoot anyone who is cruel to animals

Mr. B
26-07-02, 13:25
Andy while you're at it can you also keep the other girly S-Club members for me? I'm sure you'll have space in your new 2-car garage (mixing up threads).

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
26-07-02, 14:07
how about lining the real s club up, with the s club jr's in front of them?? kill the jrs instantly with a nice headshot, and let the real ones die slowly and painfully due to a hole thru the stomach and spine??

James * TC Time to fight*
26-07-02, 14:14
.440 CorBon Magnum should do the trick.

Andy Jones
26-07-02, 14:15
Mr B - I have space for Tina and Hannah, but Jo, I'm afraid, just wouldn't fit into my posh 2-garage type of neighbourhood.

Chris Stott
26-07-02, 14:16
Tony 'mr slime' Blair would do.... but if it was a 45 magnum could we line up a few of his equally slimy spin doctors directly in line - hopefully the bullet would pass through Tony and kill a few of those as well.

James * TC Time to fight*
26-07-02, 14:21
I would have thought the slime might deflect everthing but teflon coated .50 armour piercing rounds :)

Dr Dolittle - Owner of a loaded Smart.......
26-07-02, 14:25
I've totted up the people I want to kill and decided the only way I can do it with one bullet is if the gun is a 203mm artillery piece firing a tactical nuclear shell........

Chris Stott
26-07-02, 14:57
.50 armour piercing rounds"??..... might be able to kill the whole cabinet with one of those :)"

James * TC Time to fight*
26-07-02, 14:59
cabinet slime could be the new kevlar :)

Michael Coulthurst
26-07-02, 15:01
Nuke 'em from orbit... It's the *ONLY* way to be sure.

Chris Stott
26-07-02, 15:02
Wonder if they'll sell me some... I need to non-stick my wok

James * TC Time to fight*
26-07-02, 15:12

Ryan Gallagher
26-07-02, 17:03
you lot would kill s club and let hearsay live.....you sick people

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
26-07-02, 17:07
hearsay have pretty much dissapeard, s club, is still around and deserve a good clubbing.

Rory Sickday
26-07-02, 19:09
Richard Littlejohn.Now wheres my bullet?

bill aiton
26-07-02, 21:48
...and Russell Watson gets to walk away clicking his heels.....don't think so....BAANNNGGGG!..smokin'

tony mcgarley
26-07-02, 21:58
Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Rory Sickday
26-07-02, 22:02
Yeah, and you would HAVE to say'Get orf moi land!'just before blowing his skull apart.

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
26-07-02, 22:05
how about those little bike stealing nimrods?? i think they deserv it most.

Brian Elliott
27-07-02, 02:15
Gerri Halliwell.Don't think i need say anymore.

Craig Furber
27-07-02, 05:27
Yeah, but Geri Haliwell would be a better f@ck alive & whole than with a bullet in her!My Candidate = Scoop - maybe with the incentive of a gun barrel jammed up his @rse his standard of journalism might improve :)

steven parry
27-07-02, 08:13
Nah casn be done! you need 5 bullet's. John two jags" Prescott, Gordon Brown, Blair and whoever decided you could'nt take your bike on the train in the morning's, and one last one for that life long car driver (volvo or possibly saab) who never saw you as he/she pulled out of a side street. "

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
27-07-02, 08:38
do you get the gun free with the bullet?? if so i'll take a big ass rifle please bob.then i can beat all the feckers the death :-)

Sir jumpalot While shouting random comments like eat my tyres!
27-07-02, 19:15
I agree with tom - anyone who harms animals. But would also say whichever bmxer is closest who is a lippy s**t.

Swampy ...
27-07-02, 19:24
I think that idiots who take 12 paracetamol adn then scream that they have done and overdose and waste my time and A&E's time should be shot as this way at least the suicide attempt will work.Twats all of them.

Sir jumpalot While shouting random comments like eat my tyres!
27-07-02, 19:28
changed my mind my azonic eliminater friend... but only in the leg! or maybe the shoulder!

Rory Sickday
27-07-02, 20:20
Are you a paramedic or something like that Swampy?