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nick (Waldo Jeffers) cummins
25-07-02, 10:48
As always there is a no hoper competing in a major sporting event. This time it's the turn of the the Ghana Bike team, who realising that their bikes were not good enough decided to buy bikes in the UK. There are 2 in the team and they allowed 1200 for everything, clothes, helmets, shoes. Oh dear! Slight underestimation Those nice folk at Ribble helped them out supplying them with pretty much everything they need. The Manager said the team were enjoying the new bikes and trying to get the hang of changing gears!Any offers of 'amusing names'

Marco Framboli
25-07-02, 10:49
In that case expect the biks to be delivered 5 weeks after the games have finished

Clubber (DL)
25-07-02, 10:52
Don't forget the Kenyans - Harry Hall in Manc and Spesh have jumped on the bandwagon too...

Todd Unctious
25-07-02, 10:52
The bikeless boys.

Todd Unctious
25-07-02, 10:53
The Kenyans were stopped by the rozzers as they cycled to Rivington along the M61 yesterday.

nick (Waldo Jeffers) cummins
25-07-02, 10:56
There is also the shooting team that have had their rifles confiscated by over zealous customs officers.What will they do? Shout 'bang' at the appropriate time?

Si McNally
25-07-02, 11:02
I admire them for having a go.

Andy Jones
25-07-02, 11:18
Maybe Magicalia should join the Commonwealth.Looks like we might not come last.