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Clubber (DL)
25-07-02, 10:35
From the Herald:HAVING won a stage of the Tour de France on Saturday, Scottish cyclist DavidMillar was naturally called upon to provide a sample for a urine test. Suchwas his state of dehydration that nothing was forthcoming. Justice was onlyserved, in fact, after Millar had downed five bottles of beer, a bottle ofwine, and a right few belts of champagne.Having proved himself drug-free, Millar spent the next day competing on theTour's daunting 14th stage up the infamous Mont Ventoux. On the downside, hefinished 67th. On a more positive note, at least he found his bike in themorning.

Beckers ....
25-07-02, 10:39
sounds similar to our pre ride prep on the Friday night, in the Elan Valley last month (well mine anyway)

nick (Waldo Jeffers) cummins
25-07-02, 10:42
I'm willing to bet that a) he didn't pukeb) a small dog didn't then eat same

Anne Brown
25-07-02, 10:44
Has that happened to you Nick? or was that Beckers?

Matt Savage
25-07-02, 10:47
Sounds like Sunday at the dead bike!!!

nick (Waldo Jeffers) cummins
25-07-02, 10:49
What goes on on tour, stays on tour

Todd Unctious
25-07-02, 10:50
After a hard ride over the West Lancashire hills yesterday evening I was in such a state of dehydration I had to drink lots of lager, then some Smirnoff Ice to boost my blood sugar levels. I would not recommend chocolate covered peanuts as a suitable breakfast after a night spent imbibing the aforementioned stuff.

Si McNally
25-07-02, 11:45
No, chocolate raisins are better.