View Full Version : Chased by dogs

Paul Harrison
12-07-02, 20:07
Does anyone get chased by the same dogs every day. I do.

Marco Framboli
12-07-02, 20:38
throw stones at them. theyll soon learn.

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
12-07-02, 20:47
they'll lie in wait, jump out in front of you :-)

Mister Grumpy
12-07-02, 20:49
Ride into them. Kick them in their face.

alex spencer (MI BIK IS TANK)
12-07-02, 20:58
why?? a swift hit with a minipump will do it.

tony mcgarley
12-07-02, 20:59
If possible, ask the dog owner to keep the nuisance hounds at bay. (I always give animals a chance, but it's a personal thing).If no joy there, then you really don't deserve a canine tooth in your calf, so 50:50 fill a waterbottle with ammonia/water.Squirt the hounds with it, they understand.Then stand back and wait for 'turn the other cheek' wimps to slag you off.But you won't get bit again.

Mister Grumpy
12-07-02, 21:05
A swift boot is always better ;-)

Paul Harrison
12-07-02, 21:12
I had a Gipsy dog bite me while riding throug their camp", a bad short cut ended in a swolen ankle for a week. To top it off a little Gippo kid shouted in the expected irish accent, "I'll f*****G kill you". Nice."

Mister Grumpy
12-07-02, 21:21
Hence my swift boot idea being a good one. My limbs are more important than a dog.

Paul Harrison
12-07-02, 21:39
Why is it though that it is always little shity yappy things that do it.

owen Taggart
12-07-02, 21:43
I ride to work every day and I pass same dogs/people/cars at about the same time but I still get the where did you come from" look on all three. "

owen Taggart
12-07-02, 22:03
I always tend to find that most animals will back down if you take an aggresive stance,both physical and mental, I have tried it on things like geese, goats and horses and it works most times. I don't advise trying to get a donkey in a headlock but if you have ever tried to cut donkey hooves then you will know what I mean.

tony mcgarley
12-07-02, 22:35
Owen, if you pass geese, goats and horses on the way to work, then just what the f*** kind of job have you got?Are you a porn star?Maybe I don't wanna know.And as for getting mules into a headlock...Isn't there a tool on my Swiss Army Knife(tm) for cutting donkey hooves?I think you should ride solo.

owen Taggart
12-07-02, 23:00
Donkey hooves require specialist tools, not seen them in the Park catalog but they probably do something similar.The only time I run into that assorted mob is at my Dad's place, the rest of the time its more a case of sheep, cows, deer and rabbits!! Neil W will vouch for the odd cow tail/tale. Arf Arf.