View Full Version : Yeah, I'll drop off that in the summer""

Adam Shaw
29-05-02, 14:19
It seems that i am riding with the wrong people. Down in my local town stuff like this tread title is said all the time. The quotation is taken from some who was serously condidering dropping off a demountable at the local school. It must of been at least 20ft high!When it was the right time (summer) he comdemd this idea. Has any one met any worse plonkers?

Little Star
29-05-02, 14:29
Sounds to me he came to his senses!

Ancient Mariner
29-05-02, 16:53
Things often look less high from the ground than from the top!

priss pringle
29-05-02, 17:05
or sometimes its the other way around, still sounds fun, the landing slpoed of flat?priss

priss pringle
29-05-02, 17:05
sloped* sorrypriss

Adam Shaw
29-05-02, 18:45
It was a completely flat landing on to solid concrete(not a very forgiving surface to land on!). It was a good job he didn't do it because a couple of months later his frame cracked at the head tube from curb dropping!