View Full Version : Thoughts on GT i-drive 4000

22-02-01, 15:44
I'm about to offer between 100-150 for '99 I-Drive xcr 4000 frame and was wondering what people think. Is this the right price? Have people had trouble with the huge bearing the BB sits in? are replacement bearings availiable? I know they are made of teflon impregnated Brass but do they wear out quickly?

Toni Ertl
22-02-01, 18:00
Seems quite fair as long as the bearing isn't knackered. I've not heard of problems, but that don't mean a thing.

Andy Robson
23-02-01, 00:58
The two things i'd especially look out for in an I-Drive are the dog bone" which looks like err a bone for a dog which links the BB shell to the main frame and can wear (a sort of sloppiness like worn shock bushes) and also if it's got a Fox shock, that it works consistently - have had one where the seals between the negative and positive air chambers leaked (I think) and it stacked up under normal riding conditions. not a major thing, but worth bearing n mind as it'll all tyake time and/or cash to sort."