View Full Version : A plea from the bottom of my heart

marco framboli
15-01-02, 10:44
If you havent received it yet you will soon be sent a *hilarious* picture of Harry Potter smoking a spliff. It is infact Harry Saxe-Coburg-Gotha which is supposed to be really clever and amusing.It isnt.Please don't give in to the urge to send this picture to your whole address book. Im fed up of finding it cluttering my inbox and so is everyone else.Its not big, its not clever, so just say no.

Adam (XC Jayboy) Stephens
15-01-02, 10:46

Diane G (aka Gateaux-Girl)
15-01-02, 10:46
Seen it, not yet received it personally though. If I do, I shan't send it to you.:)

Dr Dolittle (I was sweet and innocent till I found Bikemagic)
15-01-02, 10:47
I have no friends, ergo I have not recieved this picture. Sometimes there is an upside to being a miserable git.......

Jack Ass
15-01-02, 10:53
'I was third in-line to the throneBut then I got high...'

Dr Dolittle (I was sweet and innocent till I found Bikemagic)
15-01-02, 10:55
Anyway Marco I'm sure that picutre is likely to be a considerable improvement over the normal contents of your inbox.......

James D
15-01-02, 11:09
Surely can't be as annoying as those Send- this-to-everyone-in-your-inbox-or-you'll-die,-but-if-you-do-in-the-next-5-seconds-all-your-dream-will-come-true-and-Disney-will-donate-millions-of-$-to-charity" type ones can it?!"

Oxygen Thief
15-01-02, 11:12
and another thing... who cares anyway? I'd love to meet the people that make up these pictures

Fat Bear looking for work
15-01-02, 11:18
I'm just pissed off that nobody sends me any e-mails apart from work related.*sigh*

James D
15-01-02, 11:20
One quick & easy solution to that Fat Bear....put your email address up here!

andy bliss
15-01-02, 11:21
Nobody sends me pictures!! sniff!

Diane G (aka Gateaux-Girl)
15-01-02, 11:23
Some of the ones I received recently are seriously dodgy... Good job the boss wasn't watching.Think yourself lucky Andy. :)

Alistair Freeman
15-01-02, 11:24
I actually thought the Harry Pothead one was quite funny. Didn't forward it to anyone though....

Dr Dolittle (Any more lame and I'll need a walking stick....)
15-01-02, 11:25
Diane - More worrying was the fact they were all of you......

James The Pie Man (Needs a pie)
15-01-02, 11:25
a tech friend just sent me a 22mb zip file of various mpegs and pics. some v funny but i dare not look at them here.

James The Pie Man (Needs a pie)
15-01-02, 11:26
If anyone wants to see how to select a secretary powerpoint slide show pout you email addys up.

Diane G (aka Gateaux-Girl)
15-01-02, 11:32
There were not of me! They were of extremey suspect vegetables!

James D
15-01-02, 11:34
Do people keep on getting those (generally dirty)

andy bliss
15-01-02, 11:38

Dr Dolittle (Any more lame and I'll need a walking stick....)
15-01-02, 11:39
Not 100% workfriendly that link. Good though........Can't comment about Diane and suspect vegetables......

Notoriously Bad Typist
15-01-02, 11:44
I've had the secretary one. Quite funny.What are those particular priceless ones like, since porn at work is a sacking offence?

James D
15-01-02, 11:49
Mainly the type to get you sacked....apart from US Elections", "Football Jersey", "Passed Out" & "Duct Tape" - non-porn ones!"

Tim D (thats all folks!!!!)
15-01-02, 12:00
i have a link to a really funnt pokemon pic that the kids should definitely not see!!!

andy bliss
15-01-02, 12:17
Don't send em to me if it's porn, 'cos that'll be the end of the job!! Not that anyone was going to send 'em to me were they?!!? Were they?

Si McNally
15-01-02, 13:28
I think Maroc only started this thread to boast about how many 'friends' he's got.

Si McNally
15-01-02, 13:29
Sorry, Marco not Maroc - that's what Harry was smoking......

Pete Jones
15-01-02, 14:27
Speaking of hackneyed email pictures,

James D
15-01-02, 16:54
Your usual high quality links I see Pete!

Mister Khomenni
16-01-02, 09:49
I've noticed that the first people to forward this stuff are usually the ones who aren't very witty, and are trying to compensate. Take me for example, I always pass on joke EMails to my whole address book immediately.