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i lik cooky! *smwnmaagk*
08-01-02, 01:53
ok my local goth/alt/freak shop has these little bracelets and necklaces made from bike chains...would i gain more respect if they were shi(t)mano hg 92 bracelets/necklaces? would i get more props for having 'name brand' mtb people jewellery?oh, and this is so my chain actually gets put to good use, it's not good enough for a bike.

James The Pie Master
08-01-02, 08:20
Ask Serge the seal of death" He makes his own."

Dr Dolittle (PhD in small furry things......)
08-01-02, 09:05
Respect for using Shimano chains? Highly unlikely I reckon. Everyone knows Sachs/Sedis are the in chain to have dangling from your excessively large jeans......

Rowan G'day mate
08-01-02, 11:49
i have a Sram eight speed chain purrs like a beast

i lik cooky! *smwnmaagk*
08-01-02, 13:11
jeans? i'm talking bracelet and i mean shi(t)mano is surely for posing and little else?

Si McNally
08-01-02, 13:15
If you want to be a real flash tart use a Rholoff chain.

James Stout
09-01-02, 11:01
some kid tryed that lots of grease ha

James Stout
09-01-02, 11:01
in fact he tried it