View Full Version : STOP INHUMANE

Phatboy da Silva
13-12-01, 12:30
Yeh, burn all road bikes :-)

Dr Dolittle (PhD in small furry things....!)
13-12-01, 12:56
And coaches near football grounds....

Jay (Master of small rodent fur extraction) Yatzee
13-12-01, 12:58
& 4x4's on school runs

Dr Dolittle (PhD in small furry things....!)
13-12-01, 13:03
and the UMIST union van....

Phatboy da Silva
13-12-01, 13:05

paul (clubber) Trimble
13-12-01, 13:06
and tube trains

Jools ...
13-12-01, 13:10
and pickles in MacDs

Anne Brown ;-)
13-12-01, 13:21
Noooo the pickles are the best bit!

paul (clubber) Trimble
13-12-01, 13:23
nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! are you mad, its people like you that ruin the whole mac D experience for us normal people.

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:25
No pickles in the McChicken sarnie...Yummy

paul (clubber) Trimble
13-12-01, 13:26
yeagh but the chicken burger looks like road kill

Milo Bloom
13-12-01, 13:27
its people like you that ruin the whole mac D experience for us normal people."I think you'll find that McDonalds ruin it at source."

Dr Dolittle (PhD in small furry things....!)
13-12-01, 13:27
Just looks like? I wouldn't be so sure.....

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:27
I prefer BK anyhow. No pickles there either.

Dylan Lang
13-12-01, 13:28
I'll be checking that out tonight - perfect pre-Xmas party food...

Dr Dolittle (PhD in small furry things....!)
13-12-01, 13:30
As opposed to a chicken/donner mix on nan, extra hot chilli sauce, which is te perfect post Xmas party food.....

Phatboy da Silva
13-12-01, 13:31
BK kicks McD's ass. They both dish out utter sh*te food, but BK at least has the decency to taste nice.

Wookie Da Silva
13-12-01, 13:33
And BK's fries taste of beef. Yum.

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:36
They're made of maize apparently - potato is a thing of the past...:)

Oxygen Thief
13-12-01, 13:38

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:40
Mmmmmm, tower zinger burger.....

Phatboy da Silva
13-12-01, 13:43
KFC = FilthIt's gotta be a Whopper for pure artery busting cholesterol. Hmmmm. Yum

Jay (Master of small rodent fur extraction) Yatzee
13-12-01, 13:46
No Miccy D are doing a double Big Mac with 4 burgers.....now if that doesn't sink you to the bottom of the north sea I don't know what will.......Maybe a bargin bucket all to yourself mmmmmmm

the messiah
13-12-01, 13:48
KFC,The Dirty Bird. Ever noticed how every time you have a KFC you feel ill afterwords?""

i lik cooky! *smwnmaagk*
13-12-01, 13:50
wasn't ill, just had a seriously rank aftertaste in my mouth, must've spent about 5 on various sweeties to get the taste out.i'll take a pizza thanks.

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:51

the messiah
13-12-01, 13:54
Since I live in the town that invented the deep fried mars bar I'd better shut up.

Fat Bear Sh***ing in The Woods
13-12-01, 13:55
mmmm pizza....

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 13:56
I'm hungry again now! Have to settle for custard creams...

Jools ...
13-12-01, 14:01
nothing as tasty as a furburger.

Mike Beckley
13-12-01, 14:05
with or without pickles Jools?

Jools ...
13-12-01, 14:18
Oh without, but dripping in batter!!!

andy capp
13-12-01, 14:22
stopped eating mc chicken after someone (a vegetarian) reckoned he found half a worm in one - bad image whether true or not. Going back to original thread, ban rupps - should all be bridleways - 4x4 use penalty should be a couple of years behind bars.

Danny loving up hills god it's cold Jones
13-12-01, 14:30
Burn ramblers!

Diane Ginn
13-12-01, 14:31
What was a vegetarian doing eating a chicken burger?:)

andy capp
13-12-01, 15:05
I think he was just tring to scare me - point is exactly that.

Shawn, taking cuteness to a new level
13-12-01, 15:17
they should think themselves lucky. they'd have got more goodness out of their meal than anyone else ever has at McDs