View Full Version : mbuk in scarborough

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 16:58
aparantly (acording to lurch) keli salone and steve behr are turning out to staxon dual course in scarborogh on tuesday morning, i dont know if i should avoid it to save myself and credit possible or skip uni and turn up in morbid fasination? might go to lessons i think

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 17:02
i've got the same problem duder i've got college tests and if grip don't sort my bike out tomorrow i'll be on da war path, it'd stay away cos it'll end up tit over arse anyway, although u'd look good in da mag unlike some down there.priss

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 17:04
you the guy with the b17 im the guy with the azonic evo who was down at staxon last week, we were all down there a few hours ago but it was feckin cold.

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 17:17
yep, i hear it was a bit cold down there today, i'm sort of glad my bike in geting fixed(new seals front and rear so my rear will work unlike the last time i was down)what actually went down today any races ?priss

andy fink(works for beer(and has two lots of brakets))
09-12-01, 17:26
where is it? have to check it out can u give me some idea of the location

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 17:34
too cold just sessioned the double for a bit got bored went home. need new forks mine suck :(

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 17:47
andy where do u live, it ain't much at the mo cos the little ferrits from the caravan park keep killing em,whast up with u'r pyslo's then duder have u just notice there bad.priss

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 17:54
never liked them since i put them on my bike, was half tempted to switch back to my old bomber z3's.might get blacks from richardsons tommorow, just need little disk mount adapter

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 17:56
they are good forks i just dont like them, there for sale incidently, about 100 squid on 2/3 months old not a scrach on them

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 18:04
i've heard reports that there ok on the 100mm and below seting but on the 125mm is too soft i'd just stick with good old bombers priss

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 18:35
do richardsons have em in at this moment though they didn't supply em only rock shox priss

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 18:54
got the black comp, 80/100 mm in white.i like em but i need disk apapteronly 250 squid

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 19:06
not bad add 30 on for the addapter priss

Tim D ( . )
09-12-01, 20:10
z1 wedge 130mm 180 (supplied with two medium springs and an IS disc fitting, plus mantiou's are cr*p)

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 20:21
duder was there a lass that came down (not on bike) today and i'd go with tim just take the travel down to 100-110mm.priss

Duder McDudeDude
09-12-01, 20:57
no lassesjustme (james)jos - sidekick with MrT forksbmx guyadamrevell guylurchand guy with 24/7 singlespeedi want something exciting bombers are dull rs dont work and manitou look nice

priss pringle bike less wonder
09-12-01, 23:33
i admit that the manitous r nice have u tryed eggs or didn't he get em in the endpriss