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johnny weissmuller
09-01-01, 14:45
Sometimes, well quite a lot of the time, I always day-dream about the bikes I'd buy if I was loaded (wishing). If I was loaded I'd buy:A Litespeed Owl Hollow with full XTR, Marzocchi RAC, Chris King and RaceFace kit, and Hope stoppers. MMMMMMMmmmmm.What would you guys buy?

Tony Wade
09-01-01, 14:48
Most probably a Mountain Cycle San Andreas with a set of up side down forks on the front, maybe even a SC bullit. It would have to be a big hitter, completly pointless in this country but as long as you look good...As for function, a Marin with the adjustable travel would probably do, but with a few more trick bits.

Cullen Ward
09-01-01, 14:56
S Works M4 hardtail framed singlespeeder. There, I've said it. I want a singlespeed singletracker. Will my mates still talk to me?

johnny weissmuller
09-01-01, 15:00
You must be on day-release, Cullen.

Tony Wade
09-01-01, 15:02
Cullen who?

Dave Whittle
09-01-01, 15:07
Cullen, whatchya want an M4 for?! All it is is re-branded plain old 6xxx series aluminium. At least the M2 used the metal matrix stuff, which was cool even if it didnt add anything to the frames performance 'cept a few grams. A modern classic nonetheless. IMHO the M4 is a poor replacement, trading off the rep and mystique built by the earlier model.Dave

Kevin Hodgson
09-01-01, 15:07
A Scapin Rudolf with Marzocchi RAC100s, Tune hubs/mavic rims, ITM millenium stem/seatpost, Schmolke bars, Magura HS33 rear brake, Hope enduro front. And the rest XTR just to prove that I will actually buy something thats not European.

Dylan Lang
09-01-01, 15:21
Scott Stryke with RS 80mm SIDs, XTR, Hope enduros front and back, Mavic Crossmax discs, Race face cranks and stem, Syncros seatpost, Easton bars (monkeylite maybe :) ) and the classic Flite saddle.Admittedly not a million miles from whay I already have...

09-01-01, 15:27
One that didn't suffer from chainsuck

Gary Ewing
09-01-01, 15:46
Or get punctures, or need cleaning or oiling.

Kevin Hodgson
09-01-01, 16:06
Or that never snapped a chain ;-)

Dylan Lang
09-01-01, 16:08
or a crank, frame, handlebar, seatpost, wheel...you get the idea...:D

09-01-01, 16:09
Gary's got his dream bike already then.

Simon Connell
09-01-01, 18:02
A custom Seven Sola Ti, with the matching bar and stem, Sid SL's, CK headset and Discotech hubset, Hope XC4's, Mavic X317's, Flite, Monkeylite 660mm, DT Ti/MMC spokes, Spline drive nipples, USE Alien carbon post, Panaracer Fire XC 1.8k tires, Salsa superlight tubes, Morati Ti cranks, Royce BB, Middleburn rings, XTR mechs/shifters. I think that's everything :-) (Now who's going to give me a loan to build it? If I put a arty slant on it, do you reckon the arts council would fund it?)

Oli Carr
09-01-01, 18:39
Orange Sub 5 full XTR, Hope Pro C2's on bulb hubs, R.S Pyslo top of range fork 125mm travel, Continetal 2.3 somthing tyres.Or some big hit DH bike with to much travel and to powerful brakes.

Andy Robson
09-01-01, 21:32
I'll have one of each or is that not allowed?If it's one bike then Intense Tracer in a decent colour, full XTR, Hope stoppers and enough anodised stuff to keep the X-lite machines in non-stop production for a week.

Betty Swollocks
09-01-01, 21:37
If i could have any bike i wanted i would go for the bike with blonde hair, blue eyes, big baps, thin yet well shaped legs, big sock cooking lips and a really bendy body so you could ride her singletrack style all night.

Ambrose Hearne
09-01-01, 22:16
That nice fireman Bike my three year old son saw last week and now won't let anyone forget about...Can blokes get (very) delayed post-natal depression?

Joe Plommer
09-01-01, 22:16
Come on people this is a very sad thread. It exudes geekyness and I just wish someone would take it down.PS, my dream bike would be a Kona king kahuna frame with Mavic crossmax wheels and Marzocchi X-fly forks, full XTR including ti cassette, Hope XC4s, ChrisKing headseat, RaceFace SyStem stem, Easton CT2 Mokeylite bars, DMR elite saddle, USE alein seat post, Time ATAC ti pedals, Contintal cross country 1.9 tyres, Tioga superlight tubes, RaceFace Ti BB, Kona pseudopod grips, X-Lite disco bar-bungs, X-Lite self-extracting crank bolts, Azonic CNC'd seat clamp and USE spin stickz wheel skewers.

Joe Plommer
09-01-01, 22:17
Ti spin stickz of course.

Dave Ebling
09-01-01, 22:19
oooh, think it'd have to be a santa cruz heckler or bullit, Pyslos of some sort, hope enduros both ends, Mavic 519s on hope XC hubs built by someone who can build wheels properly (wheelpro!) then some nice kit like XTR, bontrager crowbars, stem, post etc, have to be an SDG saddle, but the one thing I can't figure out is what tires? All the tires i've tried have nasty characteristics of some sort, be it squidging round the rims in technical riding, sliding out at the front when cornering hard, mud caking... nothing seems to be perfect in every way!

David Brown
10-01-01, 12:43
A red one.

David Brown
10-01-01, 12:45
With some Spokey-dokeys !!and a Barbie Bell...ding-ding

stuart Little
10-01-01, 12:51
The ibis ti soft-tail from the last issue of what mtb. With XTR groupset , obviously.

Simon English
10-01-01, 13:30
Money no object? Mountain Cycle San Andreas, Santa Cruz Super 8 or Orange 222? Decisions, decisions...

Dave White
10-01-01, 17:09
M4 hardtail, not metal matrix? I think you'll find it is.Least it says it is on mine. Could be a false advertising claim coming up.And, San Andreas. Tune/mavic, xtr, king, Hope, Psylo races, the lot.And a spanky new Winnibego to boot. The one where the sides come out. CoolOh and a new buff, in matching colours.

james orsborn
10-01-01, 18:10
One with a built in weather control system, Or failing that one in a warmer climate

steve brayford
10-01-01, 19:35
Another Raleigh Grifter XL. They sure made 'em to last in them days and the tyres were ace too!

Jay Munbodh
10-01-01, 22:47
I would have an Intense Tracer w/Psylo Race forks. This I would equip with Spinergy Spox wheels (If they made disc compatible ones.), XTR shifters & rear mech, XT front mech, Race Face Next LP crankset & rings, Sram 9.0 cassette, Avid cable discs, Avid Ultimate L levers, Easton MonkeyLite carbon risers, seatpost & magnesium stem, Intense 2.3XC tyres, WTB New Paradigm headset, RaceFace splined BB and finally WTB SST Ti saddle & Yeti grips. Light long travel trail bike.

Joe Plommer
11-01-01, 01:41
I dont get this, why are people specing stuff thats not absoloutly the best? eg, Phsylo SL and XT. Jay, Spinergy Spox do come in a disk version but there have been alot of problems with them, somthing todo with the centerally mounted hardware. dont really understand but i'de stear clear until the've been around awile.

Dave White
11-01-01, 10:01
Nee nar Nee nar.Section 22, paragraph 2sub section 3, line 4.Critisism of what people want.Mr Plommer, you are guilty of dissin peoples wants.If they had won the lottery and bought whatever they wanted, you would betelling them how great their new bike is and how fantastic they look on itThe last thing you'd say is ooooh why did you buy Psylo SLs.Anyway, in my experience, most expensive is not always best.:-) Mr Smiley

Kevin Hodgson
11-01-01, 11:07
Dave - I think you'll find that the M4 isn't metal matrix, personally I reckon their supply of cheap M2 just ran out. I notice that their prices didn't go down and they tried very hard to disguise the fact that M4 was M2x2.If M2 means metal matrix" then does M4 mean "mega magic monkey metal" ?No - joking aside I just read a review of XC race hardtails in BIKE. The CAAD5 and M4 weighed in at around 1500g and very by far the stiffest frames. What surprised me was that the OCLV was both heavier and more flexible than Spec and Dale.The Schwinn homegrown was lightest but a quite a lot flexier (not TOO flexy mind you - so only a racer should worry).I always thought the OCLV was the dogs - but it must be getting long in the tooth these days - honexcomb reinforcement or not."

Dave White
11-01-01, 11:18
Ok, why then, on the frame and in the info booklet I had with it, does the phrase M4 metal matrix come up?It quite clearly says M4 a mix of Aluminium, Copper, Vanadium, andSilicone "M2 was only two elements, and specialized were bragging about the fact that with the M4 they were able to manipulate the shapes of the tubes to agreater extent than the M2, in creasing stenght to weight.."

Gary Ewing
11-01-01, 11:43
Isn't metal matrix some sort of ceramic-metal composite?Which is what M2 was.But Dave, your above list doesn't include the word 'ceramic', which is the point. They're calling it metal matrix when it isn't.I think...I do remember that they said M2 was a wonderful material but a bitch to work with, and that M4 was not as strong, but is much easier to work with and would therefore build into lighter frames much easier.

Grahame Baker
11-01-01, 13:08
Ooh, a strange mix of the obscure and the traditional:Otis Guy Ti Guy" frame,Pace Pro Class 2 forksIbis Ti stemBontrager CrowbarsXTR V-brakesMavic 517 Ceramics on WTB New Paradigm hubs with DT double butted spokes and brass nipplesXT thumbiesOld DX 7 speed mechs ('cos they never wear out:-))WTB new paradigm headsetSyncros seatpostFlite saddleXTR 8speed cassetteXT cup and cone BB with Zerk "Greaseguard" systemMiddleburn cranks with Pace ringsand the best all round tyres ever - Smoke 2.1 and Dart 2.2SC.Or the same frame with top singlespeed kit (I'm with Cullen on this one)Or if it has to be off the peg, a Trek STPOr a Colnago Ti with Dura AceOr......I'll get my anorak"

11-01-01, 13:16
Ah yes; but what would your ultimate/dream anorak be?

Kevin Hodgson
11-01-01, 13:17
Grahame - sounds like my bike there just about. Mix & match old & new special it is (right down to cup & cone greaseguard BB).Dave - a mix of aluminium, vanadium, silicon and whatever the other one was is more easily called an aluminium alloy" - which sounds far less flash.The difference between an alloy and a metal matrix composite is quite hard to define - but when you look at the properties is M2 they certainly are far far different from any aluminium alloy.The best alloys are density 2.78, strength 300MPa, stiffness 70GPaM2 is density 3.45, strength 450MPa, stiffness 170GPaVery very different - cos it contains quite large Aluminium oxide ceramic particles - bastard to work with and a nightmare to weld.If spec are saying "metal matrix" in their literature (which I've never seen) then they are telling porkies.But the bottom line is wonder material or not, the M4 is one of the best frame out there - as I said lighter & stiffer than the OCLV which costs a lot more."

Grahame Baker
11-01-01, 13:39
Kevin,First one is just like my dear, recently departed (f***ed frame) Breezer Lightning but with a Ti frame (hope the insurance company come up trumps. Now, what's my ultimate frame....).Second one is my Breezer Storm singlespeed, again with one of Otis's Ti frames for rarity.Julian, Ultimate anorak Hmmm, probably a Mountain Equipment Duvet with a Goretex outer, in red!!!Back to the frame, can I swap the Ti Guy for either another Breezer Lightning (fantastic ride) or an old Ibis Ti Mojo, the one with the Hand Job brake hanger?I'll get my kleenex

Keith Wilbraham
11-01-01, 14:15
Id have a custom built ti single speed with an excentric bottom bracket fittedwith a roloff hub, pace rigid forks and hope disk brakes (and some other stuff)Sorry about the spelling but I cant be bothered to spell today.

Chris McSweeny
11-01-01, 15:12
TNF Summit down jacket with Gore Dryloft outer (and I've got one).Oh, and the bike...Scott Stryke 10 framesetPace RC-38 Air Force forks with 80mm travel (this is a fantasy right - I can make up things which don't actually exist?)Ritchey Disc OCR rims (just to be different)DT Hugi 240 disc hubsConti Twister Supersonic tyresHope XC-4sXTR gears/shifters/cassetteMagic Motorcycle (Coda) crankset/BBFlyte saddleEaston flat bars/seatpostExtralite stemShould build up to a sub 22.5lb disc full suspension bike!

Adrian Moffat
11-01-01, 16:00
Dekerf Team SL (in Kermit Green or Copper) SID SL's Chris King h/set. Chris King hubs laced to Bontrager Valiant rims (ceramic) Sapim spokes XTR shifters, Race Face Next LP crank & RF rings, XT cassette (XTR is toooo big), Alien carbon seat post, Easton Monkey lite bars, FRM Web-Stem, XTR stoppers or possibly new Hope mini's, Selle Italia Pro Link saddle, Avid Flak Jackets, WTB Nanoraptors in the dry, Bonty Jones AC on wet rocks, and Panaracer Fire XC Mud...in the mud. (Fussy or what?)

Adrian Moffat
11-01-01, 16:02
oh...and a Race Face Ti BB (splined) when they finally get round to making them.

Dave Whittle
11-01-01, 16:05
more on the M4 bit:It quite clearly says M4 a mix of Aluminium, Copper, Vanadium, andSilicone "this means it is an alloy, which by definition is a mixture of metal elements (Ie Al with Cu, Mg, V and Si added). by the way its silicon not silicone, silicone is a plastic.And kevin, the difference between and alloy and a metal matrix is NOT hard to define, they are completely different.A metal matrix composite is an alloy with separate particles of ceramic (aluminium oxide usually) added into it. Compare it to carbon fiber composite, the alloy is the matrix like the epoxy or thermoplastic, and the ceramic particles (can also be fibres) are the carbon fibres.Sorry to go on but Im a material scientist by training and it really gets on my t1ts when marketing hype distorts science, and journos and consumers regurgitate it (nothing personal,guys).The main reason Specialized dropped theMMC is it is very hard, the ceramic particles wear out tools quickly, so its not an easly material to miter or butt.One of the few aerospace applications of the said MMC was in the undercarriage of the F-18 (but not in a load bearing position...)cheersDaveps my dream bike (litespeed with all ti cycle parts, King/XTR/Paul/Raceface..is for sale...)"

Dave White
11-01-01, 16:08
Ok, well, on the frame, is a sticker, with M4 in the middle, and around it are the four elements that make it up.Spesh say it's better than the M2, I can't comment, and there's obviously alot of people that know more about it than me. My question is, if theM4is not as good as M2 why make it?

Grahame Baker
11-01-01, 16:19
Dave,If it's your dream bike, why is it for sale?

11-01-01, 16:42
Ok, well, on the frame, is a sticker, with M4 in the middle, and around it are the four elements that make it up."And the words "Metal Matrix" appear where?"

Dave White
11-01-01, 16:42
It's not. And never will be.I thought about selling it before I bought the full sus version.But decided I liked it too much and kept it as well.Ho hum.

Dave White
11-01-01, 16:47
Oh, and thanks for the lesson in spelling. :-)

Dave White
11-01-01, 16:48
No, it would seem that I was wrong about the Matrix bit :-(Never mind, I won't lose any sleep over it.It's still better than M2.

Dave Barnett
11-01-01, 16:57
Dream bike??Intense M1 SL + Marzocchi ShiversHope DH4sFull XTR with MRP deviceAzonic Bar & StemMavic D521 CD & Michelin CompsLoads of anodized black stuff to make it stealth"In my dreams......"

Leon Turner
11-01-01, 16:58
Put simply, all the hard bits which are not titanium need to be carbon and all the remaining soft bits need to be kevlar. Oh and all the space inside needs to be helium. Or something more expensive. Or light. Simple really. I'm off down the bike shop to place an order....

Kevin Hodgson
11-01-01, 17:01
M2 might be a better material than M4, but the M4 frame is a better frame than the M2.So what's the worry?The reason that its a little difficult to define the difference between an alloy and metal matrix (in this case) is that M2 is a mixture of aluminium and aluminium oxide particles, and the Al2O3 is generated in situ.In an aluminium alloy there are very often aluminium oxides particle precipitated out also - they're just a lot smaller. I spent a while one night talking this over with a friend who's a material scientist, and the only difference he could come up with was the size of the particles.

David Carlson
11-01-01, 17:01
Pace RC200 w/Pace Pro class, Full XTR, except cranks, (race face carbons), USE sus seatpost, Fizik saddle, hope C2's, and a sub 5 to match (race face seatpost). One or other of them will be mine in a couple of months. Neither are particularly light, but should be strong enough to cope with my incompetent/ride over anything style of riding.

Kevin Hodgson
11-01-01, 17:04
Oh by the way.Love this stealth" lark.Must be great having a bike that can't be detected on radar.Only the americans could come up with that one."

Dave White
11-01-01, 17:15
Kev, I'm not worried mate.It was Dave Whittle that said the M4 frame was a poor replacment for theM2, which is quite clearly, Bollox. Now then about that dream bike, where's me credit card?

Sam Ring
11-01-01, 18:57
Light medium-long travel full sus, Scott Strike, single crown forks with adjustable travel, sensible kit ie XTR splined cranks, disc brakes - Hope XC4 - etc. Good for all day riding and a bit of mental stuff thrown in. Monkey Lite bars cos they sound cool. OR Your 1st bike which got you started which no doubt was ridden further & faster than the spangly carbon/MMC/ti/beryllium/ magnesium/6061 T6 full susser which cost more than a night with Buffy Vampire Slayer which your scared to ride...

Simon lingard
11-01-01, 19:14
Specialized M4 (19) XTR through out except: Hope titanium hubs on Mavic X317's, Hope Mini discs, Sachs/Sram chain(don't get on wi' Big S chains). Easton CT2 monkey bars, Thompson elite post, Easton Mag stem, Chris King no-thread set(multi-coloured), The new Pace Pro class forks, Profile grips, SBC BG saddle, Spesh Kevlar tires. One big lock, security cameras, Body guard (+bike), ANd one fat hill to blast up... Si"

Simon lingard
11-01-01, 19:14
Specialized M4 (19) XTR through out except: Hope titanium hubs on Mavic X317's, Hope Mini discs, Sachs/Sram chain(don't get on wi' Big S chains). Easton CT2 monkey bars, Thompson elite post, Easton Mag stem, Chris King no-thread set(multi-coloured), The new Pace Pro class forks, Profile grips, SBC BG saddle, Spesh Kevlar tires. One big lock, security cameras, Body guard (+bike), ANd one fat hill to blast up... Si"

john clinch
11-01-01, 20:32
Simon I hate to up set you but detailed reading of this will reveal that Dave has an M4 frame and is not worried about whether it Matrix or not. The reason for this is that he claims he only uses it on his trbo trainer!Kev you need to tell us more about the front disc only thing. I thought that was the logical way forward until the comics said that the levers feeling different was a problem presumably this is pure jorno rotdream bike4130 Kona frame, bent rear drop out so it doesn't index. Old no name Alloy bits, 517s.....sorry thats current bike soon to be replaced by......Custom steel frame (Yates 853)new pace coil forksOne hope disc bouncy seat pinNew no name alloy bitsRace face LP cranksXT stuffwell may be I'll have to compromise some where

Colin Meney
11-01-01, 20:52
Who can honestly say they're interested in other people's dream bikes? Nevermind, it is fun to think about. Right now I'm tired of my 6in travel full suss, WHEN it breaks (which shouldn't be too long since it's a Marin) (ooh, controversial) I'm getting a DMR Trailstar with most of my current bits on it, except non-6in travel forks obviously.t if we're talking DREAM bikes...Intense M1 or Brooklyn Machine Works TMX frame (I'd settle for either...)Rond big Ego forksHope Open4 Dhs or whatever the new ones are called, even though I've had problems with mine...Mavic D321s on Goldtec DRACO hubs (love those hubs, got one up front at the moment)Michelin tyres (comp 24s, Mud Dhs, depending on condition) and tubesAzonic shorty stemAnswer Pro Taper barsODI Ruffian gripsXTR shifterProfile 3pc cranksGoldtec 42t ringDMR Speedguide Elite chain deviceSachs chainXTR 9spd cassette spaced down to 5spd for better chainlineXTR ultra short cage mechBase Jump pedalsSyncros headsetRace Face XY postTitec Berserkr seat (cromo/kevlar)I think that's more or less it.

Ambrose Hearne
11-01-01, 23:29
M2- goes to Kent or somewhere like that.M4- brings people to God's Own Country, to spend your money. Cheers folks!

Kevin Hodgson
12-01-01, 10:32
Front brake only lark?Well the main reason for me was cost (not only brake but new rear hub), weight, and not having disc mount on back of frame.To tell you the truth the disc brake provides such great modulation that the rear brake cable keeps seizing up through underuse - no honestly, you can ride down just about anything just using the front disc.Because I still run a rear rim brake I have to invest in ceramic rims which is a pain, and the modulation on the back is poor compared to the front, but it just gets used as a drag - not as a stopping brake.Also rims and discs tend to fail for different reasons. When it was snowy my rim brake didn't work but my fornt disc ws fine.If you've been a little overenthusiastic with the WD40 can when cleaning you bike the night before you can sometimes find that the front brake doesn't work and you then appreciate the rear as an emergengy back up.The other day my bike was on the roof when I was stuck behind a car with a james bond smokescreen exhaust. When I got to the trail my front brake was useless because of all the oil on it.Now that the prices of both discs and disc hubs has dropped a lot, I wouldn't be surprised if my next bike would have a rear disc, but I'd probably offset the weight a little by having a disc only frame like the CAAD5.

Dave White
12-01-01, 11:29
She's back on the trails now John C.And to be honest, I can't see why I wanted another bike now.I'm going to contradict myself here, but, nevermind. I have to say that, in90% of the riding situations that I get into, I prefer my hardtail, as opposedto the full sus.The full sus does smooth the trails, and that's all I need, I never wanteda long travel jobbie, just a smoother. But I've since found that while a susser is great, you just can't beat the raw connection to the trail you get with a hardtail. It's just that you can go harder for longer on the sussy.The bouncers coming on the TransAlp though, I'm not that in to hardtails.:-)

Stuart Nicolson
12-01-01, 12:16
Kevin, I agree with you about the front disc reducing the use of rear brakes. I got back from Wednesday's night ride (17 miles or something) without having to wind out the barrel adjuster at all. I think my C2 is bedded in now and it has more bite than a Patterdale terrier but the modulation of a well-trained retriever. Fantastic!So maybe I've inadvertently found the second best solution to Yorkshire mud's appetite for back rims and brake pads?

Colin Meney
17-01-01, 20:05
How do you know how much modulation a well-trained retriever has?

john clinch
17-01-01, 22:40
Great to here she's back on the trail DaveJust to be clear there's no sour grapes about peopel having flashy bikes from me, whatever you do with them

Alec MacHenry
18-01-01, 15:04
Dream bike? One that i didn't have to work so long to afford to buy and maintain would be nice. If it could do all the shopping, DIY, and make us tea that would be pretty good too.

Stuart Nicolson
18-01-01, 15:24
Retrievers are used as gundogs; they have a very sensitive bite, so your pheasant or whatever you've blasted out the sky comes back without being dropped but also without great big teethmarks in it. Terriers aren't often used as gundogs as their bite is more on-off and you'd never get the victim back in one piece anyway.

Craig Furber
26-01-01, 00:23
Chuck Racing HardTail with Bonty wheels, Royce bb, chris king headset, Tune h-bars and seatpost, Bonty seat, custom Campagnolo drivetrain, PACE XC forks and Hope stoppers.........mmm all that shiny, red, box-monocoque aluminium, whizzing thu the ups and downs of a Colorado dawn.......feckin' magic...Or a Litespeed Silk Ti...maybe